Dermacare Collection

Transform Your Skin Overnight with Our Dermacare Collection! By infusing the advanced skincare technology, delivering beauty-enhancing formulas to your skin while you rest.

Bio-based micro-capsules release active ingredients throughout the night, leaving you with smooth, glowing skin when you wake. Experience unparalleled comfort with our latex support system and advanced beauty innovations, for a truly luxurious sleep experience.

Fabric Innovation

3-Zone ActivEdge
Stress Relieved Pocketed Spring

Continuous sleep with minimal partner disturbance.
The combination of foam encasement and thicker solid individual pocketed springs enhances durability by 26% compared to solely relying on foam encasement.

Technology Innovation

Proven to have remarkable anti-bacterial ability, this advanced latex optimises mattress hygiene and enhances healthy sleep while offering you total peace of mind.

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