Hotel Collection

Designed to give you beautiful mornings like waking up to a deluxe vacation. Mindfully crafted to ease you into a comfort sleep far away from home, providing a sleep haven you can indulge in.

Revolutionary spring structure addresses every delicate curve of the human body, providing ergonomic comfort support that fits almost every sleeping posture.

Fabric Innovation

  • Cashmere protein fabric is an innovative textile finishing that enhances fabric softness and silky smoothness, helping you enjoy luxurious comfort every night.

  • A proactive approach to mattress hygiene combines antimicrobial treatments, moisture management, and barrier properties to create a cleaner, more comfortable, and healthier sleep environment.

This revolutionary pocketed innerspring system utilizes automated technology that strategically positions pocketed coils of varying heights in the same row along with the integration of Dunlopillo IPS Stabilizer, ensuring maximum & unsurpassed comfort, support & versatility.

Technology Innovation

A technology that keeps your body longer in a comfortable temperature. This innovative solution will keep your body at the perfect temperature all night long. THERMIC™ absorbs and stores excess heat when your environment or body temperature rises, then releases it when things cool down. Enjoy enhanced thermal comfort, reduced perspiration, and an ideal sleep temperature with THERMIC™ – your key to a restful night's sleep!

An innovation promotes blood circulation and offers superior spine support for ultimate comfort. With Nano Silver Technology providing an advanced hypoallergenic layer that effectively eliminates bacteria and fungal growth, it safeguards your health by preventing up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria.

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