Talasilver Wave Collection

Our revolutionary Talasilver Wave processing technology uses electromagnetic waves to vulcanise latex, creating a mattress that features an interconnecting homogenous cell structure for unsurpassed comfort and durability.

Furthermore, a Talasilver Wave mattress offers enhanced ventilation and breathability, and it is equipped with Nano Silver Technology - an advanced hypo-allergenic layer that eliminates bacteria and fungal growth.

  • Prolonged Durability
  • Extreme Tensile Strength
  • Unique Height
  • Homogeneous Cell Structure
  • Superb Resilience
  • Excellent Ventilation
  • Anti Bacterial
  • HypoAllergenic
  • Eco Friendly

Fabric Innovation

  • An advanced technology that uses natural minerals to relax and restore the body.

  • A unique metal complex formulated to purify the air around you for a better, healthy sleep.

  • Cools you down and maintains a dry, comfortable surface for the skin.

  • An efficient layer that has silver ions to prevent growth of microorganisms while optimising mattress hygiene.

Spring Innovation

An advanced system that offers complete spinal and body contour care with superior mattress stability.

Dynamic Spring System

Spring varying heights & elastic strength are untegrated into one system, ensuring:

  • Ultimate Comfort & Superior Body Contour Support, irrespective of weight & body curves.
  • Sufficient consistent & continuous support throughout your sleep, irrespective of sleeping posture.

IPS Stabilizer

IPS Stabilizer installed at every fixed interval within the Dynamic Spring System, ensuring:

  • Stable, Consistent & Efficient Responsiveness of the Spring System in reacting towards body motion.
  • Advanced mechanism minimizes partner disturbance, prolongs durability.

A system of parallel springs that delivers a gentle yet firm support, usually needed for shoulders and knees.

A efficient combination of staggered and parallel springs created to perfectly support the entire body.

A Spain ingenuity that guarantees proper elasticity and total resilience while providing excellent support and great breathability.

Ultimate Innovation Technology

A technology that provides ultimate support and effectively minimises partner disturbance, ensuring you a peaceful slumber everynight.

An innovative, non-toxic layer that improves sleep quality thanks to its ability to support the body well and help keep the mattress cool.

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